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Anthony Simonetti Headshot

Anthony A. Simonetti is a marketing professional in San Diego, CA with over 6 years of experience.  Anthony grew up playing football and wrote for his school paper.  Anthony took these passions to Chapman University in Orange, CA, where he graduated in 2010, and San Diego State University, where he is currently studying for his Sports Management MBA.

Anthony has held a wide variety of roles in the sports industry, having worked most recently with Upper Deck, as well as consulting various sports organizations on Lean Six Sigma.  He also worked as a social media strategist with Seattle University Athletics, as well as in the marketing department for the Los Angeles Galaxy during the 2011 MLS Cup Championship season. Prior to that, he gained international business experience serving in a marketing communications role with Basketball Australia.

Anthony employs a marketing philosophy of focusing on building relationships. Taking an approach that marketing is not just about what people are on the inside, but also how they deal with each other, Anthony strives to constantly create opportunity.

Anthony’s favorite teams include the San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Lakers, Anaheim Angels, San Francisco Giants and Anaheim Ducks.  When he’s not watching a game, Anthony can be found on the beach or at a concert.


1 thought on “About Me

  1. Your MSNBC sports blog comments are terrific. While I abhor right wingers you’re brand of Conservatism is much needed in this country to balance the sometimes out of touch with reality Liberals. Your “about me” page is fantastic, and I have to follow your lead more and avoid arguing and put downs with haters. Thanks for the fantastic comments, and I hope you avoid the fires that are plaguing my home state of California. Have a great day!

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